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Why use concrete with fence posts?

Installing a fence anytime soon? Fence posts are the essential piece of the installation to keep your fence enclosure upright and straight. Poorly installed posts means that over time, your fence can become unstable. If your posts are too wobbly, the fence could collapse under pressure or during strong winds like we have in Moncton & surrounding areas.

Many clients ask me whether or not to use gravel/dirt or concrete for setting posts. While gravel is less messy than concrete, it’s also less durable. Gravel tends to work best if you want a structure you will move frequently such has farm fence! However, if you’re building a fence that’s meant to keep in your children and pets you want your posts installed with concrete! Have a high wind area, snow, you want concrete set with your posts! Gravel or dirt holes end up loose fast!

Concrete is a semi liquid and tightly adheres to the hole and the post, which means the posts become highly stable and won’t move. You tend to get a better long-term result by setting the fence posts in concrete as opposed to gravel. When setting fence posts in concrete, it’s best to let the concrete dry for 24hrs or quickrete is fast drying! Always make sure the concrete is solid and dry before attaching anything that puts weight on your posts.

Call Master Post Fence Moncton for your fencing needs! We install chainlink fencing as well or just the holes. We can install bollards, various fence posts from chainlink, rod iron, 4x4, 6x6, 5x5, flag posts, mail box posts, address pole posts, we do it all!

At Master Post Fence Moncton our Business is in the hole! We will not disappoint! Call for your Spring time projects! 506.962.3777

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