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Master Post Holes Maritimes Prices include the concrete; mixed onsite, drilling, setting and lining of the posts!  We look after the locates!

Our post holes include the concrete, our concrete is mixed onsite, the drilling, setting and lining of the posts. 

Home owner supplies the fence posts!  We do the rest at master post hole diggers Moncton!  

*Homeowner is responsible for marking out the property.  We are not responsible for surveys.  Our team is willing to help if you have issues in regards to some of the markings.  

Wooden Fence Posts

  • 4x4 @ 45.00 per hole

  • 6x6x10 @ 65 per hole (over 12 foot lengths 70 per hole)

  • Min Charge is 400 under 6 (6x6)

  • Min Charge is 400 under 9 (4x4)



Hand Digging Prices

Additional $40 dollars per hole depending on soil conditions.  Hand digging is due to utility lines in the way.  If a utility line is in the way law requires the holes to be hand dug not machine drilled!

Vinyl & Rod Iron

  • 50 to 55per hole (requires exact spacing price depends on location)

Sono Tubes/Decks

Sono tube prices include the concrete, always mixed onsite; air pockets taken out.  Drilling 4 feet, setting the sono tubes, filling sono tubes with concrete.  We ground sono tubes or we can bring the sono tubes above grade.  Our team will do the final levelling and installation of the sono tube brackets.


8 inch @ 80.00

10 inch @ 100.00

12 inch @ 120.00 

Homeowner supplies the sono tubes and brackets. Our team at post holes Maritimes can cut the tubes in half.

Note#  If you require a permit with the city please call additional cost might be acquired.  Building inspected jobs might ask for belled holes and this process requires additional concrete. Call for more details!

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