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Locates with Master Post Fence Moncton & Area

What is a locate? Locate is documentation AND ground markings that identify the position of underground facilities based on records or electronic locating equipment. Ground markings consist of different colours that are used to reflect each type of infrastructure (Gas, Electric, cabo, Water, fibre optics etc.)...

Our team at Master Post Fence Moncton takes the worry out of Locates! We look after the locate process!

It is law for anyone digging to first obtain locates prior to any digging on a property!

Your contractor is responsible to first obtain Locates not the homeowner! Contractor has insurance if a utility line is hit! You do not want to be involved in a 3rd party law Suite from a utility hit!

Remeber the responsibility falls on the contractor for locates! It is the Law!

Fines for hitting a utility can start at min $1000 to $300,0000!

If you want a fence in New Brunswick you need Locates and Master Post Fence Moncton looks after the process and locates will be in our name not the homeowner.

If the locator marks a utility line near your project you need to be a metre plus away from any utility line. Hand ✋️ digging might apply if your project is too close to a utility line!

Remeber your hole is our Business! Call 📞 or text 📱 soon for Spring bookings 506.962.3777 or email!

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