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Spring is here with Master Post Fence Moncton

Post Hole Dig and Set:

If you are building a fence, deck or pergola, save yourself the back-breaking labour of digging the posts (i.e. pressure treated, pre-fab, iron, chain link, vinyl) and call Master Post Fence Moncton. We will dig the holes and pour the concrete, level, align, and plumb your posts and/or footings/pier supports/sono tubes for decks! We dig it! You build it!

​For dig and set services, we will provide the concrete to set the posts but not the posts themselves. Prices start at $45 per post (dig and set).

Deck Sono Tubes/Footings/Pier Supports:

If you are building a deck, pergola, shed; we can dig the footings for you.

We can dig, set the tubes in concrete and install the brackets! We provide the concrete but the client must supply the sonotubes and brackets. Prices start at $60 per footing.

We can dig and set Flag Posts, Mail boxes! Sky is the limit with Master Post Fence and Deck Moncton and area! Give us a call soon for your fence contracting projects in Moncton and area!

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